Ecofole stretch ceilings

Developing the everlasting
Made in Germany

Durability modifier

Rubber-based acrylic polymer
prevents disruption.


Heat stabilizers

Consisting of organic tin salts, these are lead-free.


Silver ions

Antimicrobial coating creates
an environment unfit for bacteria.


Light stabilizers

Fabric doesn’t fade under
ultraviolet rays.


Natural dyes

Colour palette is narrow,
but natural.


Ecofole ceiling
will last 50 years


The fabric is made of safe components only. We keep in check the purity of the composition, eliminating harmful substances. The ceiling “breathes” without damaging home environment.



Rubber-based acrylic polymer improves the acoustics, decreasing reverberation and dampening external sounds.

Water- and fireproof

The material doesn’t burn (fire safety class KM3) or leak. Neither wet cleaning nor a local flood can damage the fabric.

Water- and fireproof
Remains clean through the years

Remains clean through the years

The material is covered with an antimicrobial compound that protects the film from bacteria and mold. The ceiling will not become darker or get out of order.

Ecofole fabrics are massive
and durable — 4 to 6 m wide,
0.18 mm thick.

The elastic material is evenly distributed
without much effort — the installation
of a standard ceiling takes
no longer than 4 hours.

Technical specifications

Each ceiling is assigned an ID number.
It is unique and does not repeat.

Check the authenticity of your ceiling:
Ceilings series (D) does not have a unique identifier
Technical specifications
Specifications Properties
Width 4,0 — 6,0
Thickness 0,18 — 0,20 mm
Life cycle more than 50 years
Operating temperature 0 °C — 50 °C
Tensile strength 275%
Colour uniformity per 1 sq. m. 95%
Gloss reflectivity more than more than 60%
Sound absorption coefficient 0,4
Weld line thickness 0,3 mm
Number of colours more than 60
Number of finishes 4
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