VG Ecofole GmbH is a German company
involved in manufacturing
PVC decorative film.

Designers, architects, and constructors paved the way to success during the first years, buying material for the decoration and renovation of premises, damp proofing of swimming pools, and packaging of equipment. These were all niche requirements. By 2010, the fabric became increasingly popular in ceiling restoration.

As the demand increased, the company decided to focus solely on the manufacturing of PVC fabric for stretched ceilings.

In 2012, VG Ecofole GmbH entered the Russian market as OAO Ecofole. The company now has branches and authorized dealers in 18 cities.

The office in Saint-Petersburg is in charge of sales and customer service, while the headquarters in Hamburg is responsible for the product and technology.

105 120
bought an Ecofole
stretch ceiling
2 978 400
m² of fabric
was installed on residential
and business premises
of the customers
are from Russia
1 576 800
years of warranty the
company’s customers got
VG Ecofole GmbH
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