We work under a franchise agreement and a dealership agreement. We help our authorized agents (franchisees) organize internal processes, find and train emloyees.

We share our experience with the dealers and provide consultations in the beginning. We keep an eye on the customers, describe our products and stimulate the demand.

We provide support in sales and promotion to all our partners regardless of their status.

Partnership with Ecofole
How we can help
with the business

We will still be with you even after the business
has been launched, offering consultations
to customers at Ecofole call center, providing
warranty services and granting discounts.

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Thank you for your application
We have received your application and will send you a business proposal soon.
If you have any questions, please call
069 - 66554 128 or contact us at info@ecofole.de.
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Don't want to wait? Call
069 - 66554 128. We work 24/7