Ecofole official warranty

No matter where the ceiling was bought, Ecofole provides service for our licensed products. The official warranty is valid in Russia, Europe and the USA for 15 years.

For a professional
solution, please contact
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Warranty cases
1.The fabric detached from the frame around the perimeter of the room
Пленка порвалась
2.The film was torn unaidedly
3.The material changed its color
4.Welds came apart

Mechanical damage or improper handling of stretch ceilings are not warranty cases.

Two types of warranties
Warranty period: 10 years 15 years
Warranty price: Free
Application processing : 48 hours 24 hours
Documents: Stretch ceiling ID number
Warranty certificate
Stretch ceiling ID number
Repair period: 10 working days 7 working days
Bonuses: - 10% discount on the resurfacing
of the BIOTECH antimicrobial
coating for 15 years.

If you have any questions, please call 069 - 66554 128. We work 24/7.

Apply for extended warranty

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Not Warranty Cases
  1. Mechanical damage.
  2. Vertical oscillation of fabric due to insufficient sealing of the area above the stretch ceiling.
  3. Damage caused by fabric handling at a temperature below 0С° (-30С° for fabric with articles EM or BM) or above 50С°.
  4. Different colour of fabric ordered from the same catalogue, of the same colour with more than three-day interval, as the colour of each film lot is unique.
  5. Welds deformation (2-5 cm misalignment) in large (more than 20 m2) and irregularly shaped ceilings.
  6. Insignificant textural changes if their area is less than 10 % of the total area of the ceiling.
  7. Sagging of the ceiling by gravity less than 2 % of the maximum ceiling fabric length diagonal.
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